View Documents Online

Door County Register of Deeds electronic document images are be available over the internet on a fee-for-use basis. No monthly subscription is be required. Pay only for the documents you display.

This option is provided to users as an "add-on" feature to the Land Records Inquiry annual subscription service. Simply set up a document display account with Register of Deeds and pre-pay a minimum of $100 into that account. Each time you display a document the appropriate fee is deducted from your account: $2 for the first page, $1 for each subsequent page. You have instant access to your account balance and a list of the documents you have viewed.

Documents are displayed in "TIF" image format. Once the document is displayed it can then be printed using the normal windows print features on your computer. Most current Personal Computers (PC) have software installed as part of the operating system that can display and print "TIF" images. To test this capability on your PC click the "Test Document Display" button below.

Please contact the Door County Register of Deeds office for the official agreement form, and for more information about this service.

Carey Petersilka
Door County Register of Deeds

(920) 746-2271